Re - RHP300 Rod Holder. Just wanted to let you know I have just returned from an 8 day trip where the rod holders lived on the hand rails the whole time. They were bloody brilliant, strong as hell and are significantly more sturdy and well built than I was expecting. They stood up to trolling big metals and deep divers for hours on end at 7-8 knots without any hint of letting go. The flexibility of being able to set the angle of the rod up, down, left and right meant that I could adjust the angles in seconds to suit the rod in the holder at the time and the type of lure that was being trolled. I have been telling all my mates in the fishing groups about them, so hopefully you will get some more orders through for them in the near future. Thanks again... Ben. Ben, QLD

XXXMarine Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder

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$15.90 Normally: $24.95 SKU: #RH100

Rail mount fishing rod holder.


Looking for a simple fishing rod holder that wont break the bank?


This is the perfect solution for you! Easy instalation with it's rail mount clamp. No need to drill holes or glue anything down. 

Easy angle adjustmant handle and slide in holder.


Material - UV Resistant polypropylene plastic (PP)

Colour - Black