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Stainless Steel Locking Hitch Pin

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Stainless Steel Locking Hitch Pin – Let Security be the Top Priority

Tired of taking multiple trips to the hardware store to change hitch pins all the time? Little expenditures adding up to a big amount every few months? We have found the perfect solution that is not only affordable but also lasts for a reasonable period before you consider buying another one.

  • The hitch pin has been manufactured using premium grade and high quality Stainless Steel 304 combined with a zinc alloy core, which accounts for its sturdiness and durability.
  • The product is resistant to rust and corrosion – it prevents moisture or debris from accumulating on the surface.
  • This pin has been designed specifically so it can withstand all types of Australian weather conditions.
  • Two keys and a rubber lock cap are included in the package.
  • The locking mechanism has been designed to resemble that of ball bearings - it reduces the number of moving parts and keeps them to a minimum, thereby guaranteeing a top quality and secure lock.
  • The locking pin has been subjected to various tests and deemed ready for sale only after meeting certain standards.
  • Have no more worries about trailer hitches going missing or the pin getting rusted while you go boating.


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Material - Stainless Steel 304 with zinc alloy core.

Size - 80mm long, 5/8" width

Keys provided - 2