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Powercube 4 Outlet 1.5m Extension Block With Dual USB Output

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$39.00 Normally: $49.95 SKU: #PB4001

Powercube 1.5m mains extension with 4 way power block and 2 USB sockets.

What a great little device! 

Sick of having to get on your hands and knees to plug in your charger? Or don't have the space to put one of those bulky powerboards in?

Each section on the Powercube is angled in a different way. Perfect for bulky power supplies that take up all the room on powerboards!

Comes with it's own docking mount to allow you to clip it on under your desk! And with its dual USB output, you no longer need to take up a space on your powerboard just to charge your phone!

The Powercube is also surge protected so will keep your expensive equipment safe and sound from nasty surges.


Length - 1.5m

Outputs - 4x AC 240v + 2x USB Sockets

Colour - Grey/ White