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Doss 96 Strand OFC Speaker Cable - 30m

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$44.80 Normally: $59.95 SKU: #DSC96-30MT
Brand: Doss

30m Roll Doss 96 strand Heavy duty speaker wire

Need a large amount of speaker wire and don't want to pay those outrageous per metre prices?

Look no further as we have the best solution for you.

Doss 96 strand speaker wire is perfect for your surround sound system at home.

Speaker wire plays an important role in speaker sound quality and reproduction. All speaker wire has some resistance and, over long runs, can affect audio quality. Not only can it reduce signal levels, but it can also affect the signal in a non-linear fashion, affecting different frequencies different amounts. This effectively changes the frequency response of your audio system in an unpredictable manner.


2-core 96 strand/0.12 mm
   - 17AWG
   - Ø1.18mm

2x Plain copper conductor
   - 0.19 Ω/m

Clear soft flexible sheath
   - 1x Round, 1x Square
   - 8.0 x 4.0mm