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Analogue RF Modulator

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$63.30 Normally: $79.95 SKU: #RFD2169BF
Brand: PRO.2

Pro.2 RF audio and video modulator.

This unit will allow you to convert your composite AV unit such as a DVD player, VCR, digital set top box etc. into an RF signal which will allow you to plug them into older TV's where only an antenna input is available.

Can also allow you to modulate your AV unit through out your house without running new cables.

- High power RF output: 72dBuV ±5dB

- SCART Input/output and 1 RCA input

- Antenna input

- Antenna output (TV)

- DC power supply input

- ON/OFF switch

- Channel Adjustment (Up/Down key)

- LED Channel Number display


RF Input: 45~862MHz

Input Connector: F Female,75 Ohm

Output: CH 21-69

Output (combined): 45~862MHz

Output connector: F Female,75 Ohm

Video Input impedance: 75~1.3K ohm

Video S/N: 40dB min

Audio Input impedance: 10K

Ohm Powering: 9V