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240V Insect Killer/ Bug Zapper

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Brand: Sansai

Bug Zapper from Sansai.

Tired of hearing the “buzzing” sound near your ear all the time? Mosquito bites driving you crazy due to constant itching? Fed up of trying to kill them by clapping hands or chasing them around with your thongs? Use this extremely modern and effective way to kill insects and bugs without going to the trouble of spraying repellant regularly!

  • The product is touted to be the revolutionary technique to zap bugs and insects.
  • You can hang it from the ceiling or put on a table – it works equally well regardless of its position.
  • Easy method of operation – just plug it in the mains and switch it on.
  • It utilizes Ultra-Violet tube technology to attract bugs and insects – they are drawn in by the bright UV light.
  • The grill inside is made up of a specialized rustproof electric grid that kills insects on instant contact.
  • The product works on flying insects such as flies, wasps, mosquitoes, etc.
  • It can be used anywhere - shed, patio, verandah - wherever you can hang it and plug it in!
  • The product is certified to be 100% environment-friendly.
  • It doesn’t produce any foul odours like many insect killer products on the market.
  • The product serves a dual purpose by acting as a night lamp too.
  • It is energy efficient and operates on very little power, so you don’t have to worry about added electricty costs
  • Sturdy build with quality materials

What can this product offer you? A convenient outdoor setting and a peaceful meal without finding a bug in your potato salad! Place your order with us ASAP to lead a more hygienic and disease free outdoor lifestyle from now on. disease free outdoor lifestyle from now on.


Power - 240v Mains Plug in